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Lindsey Jones ~ Girl on the Street

(No coffee...No worky)

Elaina Joy Wilder ~ Wedding Advisor

Jessica Monroe ~ Big Girl Style

Erin Montgomery ~ Writer

As a freshly graduated young woman Erin set out to find her career path she knew she wanted to be a fashion and beauty writer but how was she suppose to get there? After graduation she had the opportunity to intern in Australia at a swimwear and lingerie company, after that she began writing for various online fashion and beauty publications. In the past five years she has written for TypeF, a fashion and beauty site owned by Tyra Banks, Salon Confidential Magazine, CHAOS Magazine and Budget Fashion Report. Aside from various writing opportunities she have also worked backstage for the FDCC at Toronto Fashion Week and even coordinated a runway show for Frugal Fashion Week. Now she find myself writing for Beauty RSVP and loving every minute of it.
 I can’t live without: My hair straightener or my Benefit foundation, me and curly hair just don’t get along.
Beauty Icon: I have loved Anne Hathaway since she did The Devil Wears Prada and I also love Miranda Kerr’s style. 
Best Beauty Advice: A little bit goes a long way. Less is more is a rule of thumb that I live by when apply makeup. 
Follow Me: @ETMontgomery

Megan Delavan ~ Writer

Meghan  has worked at Writer (Freelancer), studied at Fairleigh Dickinson University and lives in Walden, New York

Celina Good ~ Senior Editor

GTA at Goldwell US, Hair Removal Specialist at Shiloh Salon & Day Spa and Senior Editor at Salon Confidential Magazine

                                         Meredith Crawley ~ Contributing Blogger

 Founder of Beauty O'Holic and For Sanity Sake Products.

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