All About Stylista by SC Diamond App for iPad and the Upcoming iPhone Debut

Sneak Peek of the Stylista by SC app for iPad

With the options for Clients and Professional sign-ins

New features include choosing the type of Professional you are. 

More options are coming to the new Stylista, in addtion to the standard selection of hairstylist and/or makeup artist, professionals can also identify themselves as nail artist, nail techs, fashion stylist or other type of creative professional

"My Clients" lets you save and search your client records, before, during and after service. It is a creative and/or beauty professional's dream made reality

Easy forms for entering and saving Client Information 

A new feature has been added to the new Stylista by S.C. Diamond, that has never before been revealed until now. Please say hello to the brand new "My Clients" feature, that lets you save your client records on the iPad and web.

Screen preview for the To Be Released iPhone app

Stylista by SC Diamond

"My Clients" (for iPhone) lets you save and search your client records, before, during and after service. It is a creative and/or beauty professional's dream made reality

 Stay tuned for more information or check out our Facebook page ~ Here

The iPhone app is coming soon, the iPad app is available in the iTunes store right now.

Beautiful just got faster! 

One app, multiple possibilities. 

Works in tandem with the Stylista iPhone app 
(available soon) 

-For clients 
 Stylista is a beauty and hair salon appointment booking app 

-For salons, stylists, on-location makeup and hair, beauty and/or creative  

Stylista is a business management, scheduling, appointment booking, and accounting app. 


A faster way to book your next salon or hairstyle appointment is here. 
Designed by creative and beauty professionals the Stylista by SC iPad app lets you book your next beauty or hair salon appointment faster by letting you see your salon or stylist' virtual appointment book in real time. Stylista lets you send appointment requests to your favorite stylist or salon hassle-free, 24/7, and at your convenience. 

1.) download the app. 
2.) click sign up to go to our online home at and create a  
      profile (select client from the dropdown box) 
3.) login with your new username and password. 
4.) at the bottom of the search screen enter the email address of your stylist or 
      salon to send them an invitation to join Stylista, so you can see and share  
      your salon or stylist' online calendar. 
5.) invite them to watch our  
     video tutorial 
6.) Once your stylist or salon has accepted your invitation and created an 
      online profile, you are ready to start booking! 
7.) Search for your salon or stylist on the search page, once found click on 
      select or make them your default with the "make this my salon" option. 
8.) Explore their "my profile", check out their "my services" and book an 
      appointment in their "my availability". 

After booking an appointment, Stylista will instantly send your salon or stylist a push alert that you have booked a new appointment, along with an email containing your profile and your appointment details. When your stylist or salon accepts your appointment, you the client will be sent an email with the confirmation, then login to Stylista anytime you like, click on "my availability" while on your salon or stylist' page and you can see your accepted appointments (in green), along with any pending or future appointment requests (in red). 


Stylista offers the following benefits for professionals 

- your own online home page 
- client profiles with images to avoid blind booking. 
- virtual real time appointment book 
- map of your business location 
- easy add/edit services 
- client checkout 
- automatically alerts you to when a client is celebrating a birthday 
- reports including number of appointments booked, cancellations and no   
  shows, gross profit,   
  weekly, monthly, yearly sales and more 
- request client call button, prompts client to call you for complicated 
  appointment requests 
- all appointments appear as pending to clients until you accept them. 
- online client data storage in appointment book 
- email notifications/confirmations 
- push notifications of appointment request 
- online portfolio (basic) 
- book once, client info is saved for future booking. 
- your appointment book and business reports are hosted online in the cloud 
  meaning you have 
  access to them virtually anywhere from any web enabled device. 
- clients can book you at their convenience 24/7 and you respond to clients at 
  your convenience 
  when it's opportune for you. 
- click on open dates and enter appointments, app automatically alerts other 
  clients those 
  appointment dates and times are no longer available, as you fill them in real 

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