Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Says ~ The Stylista

~ Good Morning ~

Pondicherry, INDIA  

This is the day
when we get up late
we sleep even after the sun is up
when we dont have to run through the morning hours,
when we have a leisurely tea and 
sometimes even skip our breakfast 
to have a brunch

This is the day
when we read the newspapers line by line,
or glance through the classified column,
tune to the news channels to get a glimpse of news..

This is the day
when we clean our vehicles
when we clean our homes..
when we have an afternoon nap

This is the day
which goes so fast..
It is over before we realize
Where time runs so fast ..

This is the day
When the kitchen switches to a more active zone
When the kids sleep till they want..
when the plants in the house get some new life

This is also the day
Which precedes the weak to follow
Which crawls till the Saturday next..
The end of a week as well as the beginning...

This is Sunday...

Have a brilliant week

The Stylista

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