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Questions and Answers About Redken Chromatics ~The Stylista

Sometimes we have some really great professionals that write for us and then move on to do great things.  This is one of those cases.  

Miss Ashly Rose of Doll Face Hair Refinery in Ormond Beach FL, wrote this piece for us on the topic of Redkens' new Chromatics line of professional hair colors.  

See the original post here ~ Chromatics

Miss Ashly is super busy so we went straight to Redken to get some answers for some post comments that were left recently.  

First question is from mossgirl:

1.      Can I get blonde results on gray hair? (from Chromatics) 

Yes, depending on the % of gray and level desired. We have Redken Beyond Cover for hair that is 75% or more gray. You have to consider whether you are trying to lift the pigmented hair more than 2 levels while also trying to cover the gray. In those instances, you may see 1-2 levels between those strands, giving the appearance of less coverage.

The second question is from Anonymous:

 2.      Is mixing Beyond Cover shades possible/recommended?
Yes, you can mix any combination of Redken Beyond Cover; however, it is not intermixable with regular Chromatics or Ultra Rich shades. Each is a stand-alone line with unique results and benefits. Intermixing various brands may cause unpredictable results.

Thanks for the great questions and thanks to Redken for helping us answer

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