Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years ~ The Stylista

happy new year

Its been an eventful year, once again.

I wont lie, its had its bad times, but that why I decided to do this last year.

So as promised, here it is

The Happy Jar

As you can see, a few things hit the mark for happy moments (and I have horrid handwriting).

Starting at the top


I bought a new car, I loved my truck but it was 12 years old and not so good on gas, needed repairs, and was just not practical for my commute.  

Ta-da, I got a newer, zippy Mazda 3 that I adore.  It was everything I need and a really good stereo system, because I am never without my music


I took a class that dealt with counter terrorism.  It was an eye opener and it makes me appreciate all the men and women that carry out the job of protecting our country every day, even more.


Yay, I got a promotion.  I worked as a plain clothes officer for a year already and they decided to make me permanent.  Nice raise and wearing my own clothes....awesome.


I had family I hadn't seen in over 8 years come to visit me in little old Florida.  I was so excited to see my cousin and her husband and meet her two kids all over again.  Her youngest looks so much like my youngest, its so cute.  My aunt and uncle also tagged along and I got to spend a couple days with them as they enjoyed their vacation.  
Adding to the fun was a visit from an old middle school friend,  we were inseparable back then and then we grew up.  I only saw her for a few minutes, but we both cried a little and promised to see each other again in the fall.


May was  big month for me.  I got to reconnect with more old friends and there was a baby celebration. My friend Meredith was about to have her first baby and I was sort of in charge of her shower.  I made her a cute cake and lots of fun decorations, it was rough, but I loved every minute, and would gladly do it again. 
Then my best friend from high school told me she was going to visit and bring her son.  I was all set to meet up with her at the park and she told that her son was sick, I was bummed.  Then she got sick too, so I went and stayed with her so she could get some rest.  I had some fun hanging out with her son the next morning, we went for a walk an had breakfast, he's such a cutie.  Best part, she is coming back in February, so more happy for next years happy jar.


Well....I turned 40.  I am okay with it, because its the way it is and I can't change it.  I asked my mom if she was sure I was 40, because I don't feel 40, she laughed at me.


I met a new friend and I will leave it at that, wink.


I'm skipping it, nothing good happened here.


Kids are back to school and I am adjusting to living without my other half, we broke up in June and its been rough.  I just keep looking for the happy in each day.


I put myself back into my volunteer work and it is satisfying.  Being out in community and helping is what I love to do.  The thankful responses I get make me feel great.  


After all the madness of an August gone wrong, I tried another door.  I applied for a new job area...and I got it.  I am so happy,  and as it turns out, I am pretty good at it. 
In business news, Meredith and I are trying out a new program for her natural bath products, got an Etsy page and we shall see what happens.


This may sound a little strange but I got a "big girl" purse.  A friend bought me a really cute Disney Dooney and Bourke, love it!  I have never really been a purse girl, but I am getting used to it.
I also went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra....truly an amazing experience and I went with my friend, who I hardly get to see because our schedules are so opposite.  

I got some lovely gifts from friends and family and some surprises from people at work.  So I made them tasty treats.  

Despite all the stuff that goes wrong, the jar helps to remind me of all the things that go right. 

Happy New Year 



  1. That's it! I'm going to have to keep a happy jar now!

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