Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday News Story ~ The Stylista

Good Morning,

Recently I wrote about losing my stylist.  It was awful, trying to find a new one, not knowing how much it would cost me, how far away he or she was, nightmare.

This story had a happy ending...for me.  My stylist on the other hand was having a world of trouble.

For the purpose of this story we will call her Vee.  Well, Vee had some personal troubles and was trying to work them out when the salon where she was renting her space from became a problem. Just what she needed, more stress heaped onto her.  

As it turns out the salon owner, who was a really good friend, starting imposing rules that were completely unreasonable, Vee needed to get out and fast.  This is where word of mouth and hanging onto your contacts pays off, she was able to transition to another salon and not lose any of her appointments.  She did call me and apologize for disappearing and explained she had a new number.  I made an appointment for a haircut and she gave me the whole story, so I told her I would write about it.

Evidently this is all too common, a falling out with the boss will leave you hanging with clients that have already booked appointments and now you have to call each one to let them know what is happening.  She was lucky, but how would you, as a professional, handle this kind of problem??

The moral of the story, keep your contacts.

The Stylista

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