Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Happened When I Lost My Stylist ~ Lindsey A. Jones

I guess it goes without saying that I've been very disappointed this week by my stylist. After eight years of being a loyal customer, I went to make an appointment and her phone number had been changed. 

I'm not quite sure if it's because she's having personal issues and she just hasn't had the time to call me and tell me about the change. Or if somehow as a client I'm not important enough because I don't go in there every week to have a service performed. 

Either way I still don't like it. 

If the latter is the case then I really don't feel so good about having my hair done by her anymore. And now there's the uncertainty of having to try to find someone else that I trust with my hair which is 3 feet long. The sad part is she also cuts my children's hair so she's losing out on three clients. As a business professional in the salon industry it baffles me how someone can let clients go so easily without a fight. I mean in this day and age with so much advertising and fighting for new clients why would you let people go especially ones that of been loyal to you and you alone for eight years.

I imagine there's a lesson to be learned here, get your haircut more than twice a year or lose your stylist, in my opinion, I think that's horrible customer service.  I have to admit she hasn't exactly been the most reliable of people sometimes , didn't listen to what I said or things didn't turn out the way I had requested. 

Maybe I stay because she is really nice person and I would hate to have her lose the business. I think mostly I'm afraid of the cost of going to someone else because with her I know how much it's gonna cost me and I can take that. Now I have to go somewhere else shop around and try to find someone that does the same kind of work at a reasonable price.  

I didn't want to just give up on her.....

I made some calls and got her new number from another customer and I called her, left a message.....

No return call

Time to start looking

The Stylista

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