Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Monday, Let's Talk About Hair ~ Girl on the Street ~ Lindsey A. Jones

I have been chatting with the nice people at göt2be and they have got a product I want to share.

rockin' it
dry shampoo

I have hair that needs to be washed, at minimum, every other day or I have a horrible case of the greasies…..

A hairdresser will probably go on and on about dry shampoo as a way to extend your blowout or flatiron style.  

I am a believer.

I picked up some the other day and wow, what a difference.  No grease and an added surprise bonus…Volume!

I don't need it but I'm sure there are some girls (and guys) out there who could benefit from this.  

Important things to remember 
~ use a natural bristle brush to ensure you get all of the powder out. 
~ it may not be the greatest thing for black hair.  
~ shake, shake, shake the bottle in between sprays to make sure it doesn't get all clogged up.  

It adds texture, so teasing it up for the hairstyles that need a little bump will be a snap

Second day (and even third) hair never looked better

Linsdey J

for the Stylista by SC

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