Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wedding Advisor ~ Elaina Joy Wilder ~ Flower Girls

Good Saturday Morning to you!

I have decided to share some awesome flower girls ideas I have found.

When I was a little girls, it always seemed like my cousins were the ones picked to be flower girls for weddings.  We never lived close enough for me to be in a wedding.  

I think that's when my love of wedding began, dreaming about that pretty frilly dress and the towers in my hair.  

Weddings have changed a lot since then and its whatever you can dream.  You want more than one flower girl, go for it.  

It would be cute to have your little lady match your dress, but why when this is so much more fun for her?

You can get the ring bearer in on the fun too!

Simply gorgeous

The flowers in her headband could be colors pulled from your bouquet

Got a little extra money to spend?  
Couture from Krikor Jobatian

Happy Wedding


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