Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trending Now~ Totes ~ The Stylista

Can't seem to get this commercial out of my head, so I am trying some "hair of the dog," if I write about it, I will stop thinking about it...maybe, its still funny!
It got me thinking about what we carry all of our "important stuff" in.  My purse is a Greek tragedy, don't even get me started.  I found a few that I might like to have in the future, when I marry a rich playboy, have a house in the Hamptons, have an endless bank account...
oh yeah, I just woke up....

The ever essential mint
Almost a periwinkle

Kenneth Cole reversible

Totally fabulous oversized print tote... go for it
Every designer is following this trend, so you should be able to find a bag priced within your budget.
The Stylista

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