Monday, March 24, 2014

Products for Beachy Hair ~ The Stylista

In keeping with my beach mindset, I started looking into ways to have nice hair.  The constant sea breeze brings moisture that makes its almost impossible for me to have a perfectly flat ironed hair. 
So I am going to roll with the waves... pun intended.

Try using a texturizer that will help smooth and control curl rather than beat it into submission. Wet and scrunch.

Another tack would be a quick two strand braid for your bangs, and your bangs don't have to be very long to achieve this look. 
Step One:  Starting at your natural part, pick up small section of hair and divide it in half.
Step Two:  Take the lower section #1 and wrap it up and over the top section #2, grab a small bit of bangs, from underneath to add to it, just like you would in a French braid. 
Step Three: Pull down the pieces you just combined, #1 plus the pick up,  while holding the top #2 in your fingers , this is now your bottom piece #1. 
Repeat to about the ear, secure with bobby pins leaving a little for overhang to hide the pins.
This can also be done as a waterfall braid if you have the skill and patience.
I think I will tweet a picture of my beachy hair just so I can share the cuteness. 
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