Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fantasy Weddings ~ The Wedding Advisor ~ Elaina Joy Wilder

Good Afternoon Ladies

Totally running behind this morning, so much planning to do.

I found some real gems for you though.

Not everyone idea of a romantic wedding is lace and crinolines.

Its your day, take whatever direction you can.

I love this frilly romantic wedding

But what about a Steampunk  theme?
This is just dreamy

I love Final Fantasy

Holy smokes, elves in the forrest

Guinevere wished she looked this lovely ~ Etsy

Ahhhhh…fairy wings, how lovely ~
From Romantic Threads

The tricky part is getting your mate to play along



  1. It’s good to hear that you are a wedding adviser. Actually I need some ideas for decoration of unique wedding venues. So please suggest us what kind of decoration we can do to make it unique, and which types of dresses will suit at that place etc.

  2. Weddings can go way beyond the ordinary, I love to attend reading about weddings that take a turn from the everyday. My favorite is when the groom gets just as dressed up as the bride and then the guests are also apart of the revelry. My favorite theme is a medieval style, where the Lady is a Princess and the Lord is her Knight. The dress can be simple or extravagant, its the unique touches that they add, the farm grown flowers, golden place settings, lots of candles to give it a romantic glow and lovely violin music playing in the background. Fantasy is just that, its only limit is your imagination. Thank you for checking out my blog. ~ Elaina,


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