Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wedding Tablescapes ~The Wedding Advisor ~ Elaina Joy Wilder

Here is a subject that often gets lost in the frivolity of the wedding planning 

The Table

Your guests are going to be sitting with you for a few hours, so it needs to be a showstopper.

It can be a simple as you like

moss and tealights

or big and extravagant 

orchids and chandeliers

Most brides like to pull colors from the bouquet or bridesmaids dresses

Like So…very subtle 

This looks like a fairyland to me

Jewel tones can really be a lot of fun

These lanterns are an incredible centerpiece 

Lovely Rustic outdoor table, it will look amazing after dark

This might be a great look for a hot summer night or a christmasy holiday affair.

Choose what fits your budget and style, be inspired and please share, we would love to see what you do for you special day.


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