Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Says ~ The Stylista

Nothing feels quite as nice as a hug…

I get them from my children, my parents, my good friends, and sometimes even from a stranger

I was at work recently and I came across a lady that had lost her daughters wheelchair.  She was very upset, I told her, with confidence, that we would find it.  After bout 15 minutes of frantic searching we located it with another person who had mistaken it for their own.  I explained the situation and the man eventually gave it back.  The lady started to cry in relief and when we got back over to her daughter, who was a special needs child, she said how thankful she is that I am there for her and hugs me so tight.  I admit I got a little misty.  This thing, a very simple thing like a wheelchair for her daughter was so important to her.  I was happy to help, it is part of my job,  the hug was a bonus.  

So never underestimate the power of a hug, you probably have a friend that could use one right now.

The Stylista

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