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Questions Answered! ~ Professional Advice from Celina Good

Hi! I have severely damaged bleach blonde hair. I would love to steer away from bleach and go back to my natural level 7, but am very hesitant due to the level of damage I have. I've heard that Chromatics is safe, and will actually leave my hair stronger, shiny and more fortified, and won't damage my hair. Is this true? 

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Chemically Damaged Hair

Response from Celina Good:

Great question! First off, I am very pleased that you are concerned with the level of damage you may additionally incur with yet another chemical service. The health and integrity of your hair should always be your first priority! 

As you already know bleached blonde (or any blonde) is very high maintenance. It’s essential for blondes to religiously care for, protect and restore your hair in between services. Equally important, you must choose a stylist who is truly skilled in Blonding. The same holds true for restoring color – only an extensively trained colorist should perform your color restore service, and only after evaluating the condition of your hair can they choose the right product. 

Chromatics may very well be the product they choose, it does offer strength and shine, but don't be misled, any chemical that changes the color or texture of your hair results in some level of damage. This is unavoidable. As a rule, we choose products that can do the job that needs to be done with as little damage as possible. The stylist will take into consideration the elasticity of your hair - its ability to stretch and contract, as well as its porosity (the ability of your hair to hold moisture). If there is extensive damage, you may need a treatment. Perhaps a haircut, too. These pre-steps will ensure that there is an even color uptake, with consistent, durable results. 

And in case you’re wondering – the steps of a color restore service will include a pigmentation filler, to rebuild the overly lightened hair with a "base", so darker color molecules can attach better, followed by the target color. You’ll also need some additional color services after the initial restore, to help combat fading – and don’t forget to use a color safe, fade-stop shampoo and conditioner and add in a heat protectant if you are using a hair dryer or any other hot tool to style. Also, be sure to schedule your follow up visit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

As always, have a GREAT Hair Day!
XO ~ Celina

Celina is the 
Owner/Educator/Master Stylist of TRU Hair Salon

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