Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey It's Thursday ~ News from The Stylista

It's the new year and we are revamping the schedule, so starting on Monday, this is the lineup.

M ~ Is always gonna be hair, I love hair….so I will start every week with something about hair.  

T ~ New ~ Guest Posts, this is a new section, so look for guest bloggers and new material, so if you are a fashion or beauty blogger, send me something and I will try to work you in.

W ~ New ~ Tutorials that I think you NEED to see or that will change lives….

R ~ New ~ Trending…what's hot and new

F ~ Fashion Moves to Friday, still gorgeous though

S ~ New ~ Wedding Inspiration with Elaina Joy

S ~ Keeping Sunday Says, why change a good thing?

See you next blog,

The Stylista

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