Monday, January 20, 2014

Hair ~ Before and Afters ~ The Stylista

A new hairstyle can ultimately change how you feel and look.

Updated look, very sleek and sophisticated 

The length was just right,, it just needed to be brought down a bit.

Pinkie Couture
Washed out becomes lovely.

Salon Jessica
The right cut can also bring out the color in your hair.

Vanis Salon
No shape at all here, now it is perfect.

Wild Orchid Salon

She has beautiful color, it was just begging for the right cut. 

Color Correction

Briza Bot
Beautiful Balayage

Salon Envy
Hair looks over processed, now its healthy and shiny.

Spa Bella Salon
Gone are the faded out pastels.

Go to the Salon and use a Professional so that you don't have to do an expensive treatment later.

The Stylista

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