Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion House ~ The Stylista

Even though I am in Florida, its still a little too cold here for my taste, at one point I looked at the map and said "That's it I'm moving to Boca!" I don't like frost on my car.

After eight years of living here in central Florida, I did something I never thought I would have to do…

I bought a coat!

oh the horror…it's a really cute coat though and I got it on super sale,thank you ModCloth.  They have super cute retro and vintage style clothing and outerwear.  

But now I need accessories, cute ones.  I need a hat.  I have a weird head, so knit hats are always good to me.

If this was your childhood, lol, your mom is a freak like mine.

Let's join this century shall we.

Knit hats

Geometric Knit

Fuzzy warm hats with embellishments

chunky knit

Squish hat

hat band

Bee Happy Boutique, handmade hat band

Be gorgeous, Be warm

The Stylista

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