Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Gifts ~ The Stylista

Lets change things up today.  Fall is a time for school and gearing up for the big holidays, it is easy to get caught up.  Why not get some of these cute gifts for your loved ones.  

Its never too early to thank a co-worker for a great job done or a teacher (cause they are always under appreciated and they deal with your kids everyday.)

How CUTE is this!!!!

Find the tutorial here

How about a tea or coffee break for the teachers, you can mix up the ingredients if you know the teacher a little better than Miss Smith.

What about Mom or the woman who treats you like a she is your Mom, (I have one of those, she's cool.)

Only 25$ at Etsy

Maybe you are the crafty bakey type.

These would look great in the office break room.

If you cant bake you can get them at Sarah's Sweets

Whatever you choose, makes sure its from the heart, those are always the best gifts.

The Stylista 

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