Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adult Halloween Party ~ Guest Post for Beauty O'Holic ~ Linsdey A Jones

Halloween 2013

Let the inspiration begin!!!!

I "dug" up some real treasures to inspire you for this years Halloween Bash

Beautifully spooky touches

Great idea found on Pinterest from Halloween visionary
Sabine Krausse  see it and all her cool ideas ~ Here

Thrift store baby doll spray painted white and some old sheets, put it in the corner to freak out your guests.

I can't stop laughing at this one, a great addition to a Wizard of Oz themed party.

I wish I had the supplies to do this. 

Old store foam heads with cheesecloth, a fog machine and some scary background music, scare the kids and the parents.  

You could do this in black too, but I like the red. A great way to use up your half burned candles.

Thrift store glass and colored water, use some heavy card stock and singe the edges for an old look. 

Okay so now you have the decor nailed...

Lets Eat!

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots....Everybody!!!!!

Best use for a pumpkin EVER!

White Chocolate dipped strawberries that just SCREAM

Use a brain mold and make a cheese dip

Oh so grosssssssss!  

I can't look at these without wanting to hurl 

For your lighter side.

Play some games and have a good time.

Grab a old sheet, paint on some lines and you have an instant Photo Booth for your guests to remember your awesome party.  

If you can pull this costume off, you are the best hostess ever!

Happy Halloween

Lindsey A. Jones

For Stylista by SC

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