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You Have Questions, We Have Answers ~ Professional Advice From Celina Good

We had two really great questions come up on a blog post about Chromatics by Redken, instead of just giving a little answer, we went to Celina Good, Educator for Goldwell.  

Q #1

I'm over from Florida to the UK. I need my roots done. The stylists in Florida use fusion # 6 or7 on the roots and comb through...The highlights were done 14 weeks ago and still look good apart from the sun oxidizing most of the top of my head! Q: Can I go safely from fusion to chromatic and back again when I get back to the USA? All the products are Redken:-)..Many thanks!,

Q #2
I had my hair colored with Chromatics in June. My hair is fine, and somewhat oily. Ever since my hair was processed, its very silky but impossible to style! I don't think this was a good choice for my hair type, its always flat & hanging. Do you know of a safe way to remove it? I thought it was going to be my non toxic go to hair color!!

Whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad, Redken Colorists can be found around the world working their magic and mixing specialized, unique color concoctions to deliver the most spellbinding results their clients could wish for. 
A Redken Stylist not only employs a variety of products to meet your individual needs, but also relies on professional knowledge and experience to mix these products especially for you. Some can lighten your hair and cover gray at the same time, while some can only cover gray at your current shade or darker. Some are used only to lighten the hair. Some are chosen to produce vibrant reds and coppers. Also, there are the specific characteristics of the hair itself to consider. Do you need nourishment and conditioning while covering gray? Is your hair damaged or brittle? Is it shiny and smooth? Are your locks resistant to change? What color options do you have?
A lot of knowledge and experience goes into choosing your special formula, and like fingerprints, no two are alike! 
All Redken Haircolor Portfolio Products are compatible with each other and can safely be used with a clients’ existing hair color. Allow me to highlight some Permanent HairColor tools Redken Colorist’s often utilize when covering gray hair.

Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Hair Color:
New Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color uses a breakthrough Oil Delivery System, called ODS2 + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D-color deep into every hair strand. No ammonia, no odor—just stunning, high shine color and hair that’s 2x more fortified* with Chromatics ODS2 + Protein Extract Technology.

Professional Redken Colorist Kayla Guynn of JR’s Salon & Spa in Sterling Heights, Michigan explains, “Chromatics is an ammonia-free, oil-based, permanent color that leaves hair healthier and feeling silky. When you wash the color out after processing you have to shampoo twice, first with the cleansing cream to remove the oil and a second time with a normal shampoo.” She personally prefers using Cover Fusion for the majority of her color clients, but works with stylists who prefer the performance of Chromatics.

Cover Fusion:
This product offers 100% gray coverage with natural, modern results. A low-odor formula covers gray and revitalizes hair, and is available in 24 naturally-reflective shades. The unique Revitalage Colorbond Technology provides superior, naturally-reflective coverage for hair that's more than 50% gray. (That means when you look at your new growth you see the same amount or more of gray hair than natural hair.)
Cover Fusion fortifies and delivers superior conditioning with rice protein and cationic conditioning polymers, defending aging hair with argan oil, which is rich in antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals. 
Designed to cover 50% gray or more, Cover Fusion addresses the unique challenges of covering gray and the three main effects of melanin loss (gray, damaged, and dry/dull). The background of each shade is balanced with optimal coverage - providing coverage without having to adjust formulas, which makes the stylists’ job just a tad bit easier!

Color Fusion:
This modern, permanent color cream delivers multi-dimensional haircolor. It comes in more than 100 shades in 6 categories and can be used to lighten, darken, match natural hair color, cover gray or create high fashion techniques.
Elizabeth Kinney, Redken Color Specialist at Georges Hair Designs in Greenville, North Carolina prefers using Fusion Color products. She says, “Fusion is iridescent, so there is a lot of dimension when it is used.” Compared to Chromatics, she feels Fusions provide a better gray coverage and produce more favorable results. 

Knowing a little bit about what stylists have to work with helps clients better communicate their needs and wants. To find a Redken 5th Avenue Salon on whichever continent you choose to visit, go to

Explore to learn more about all of the available products, styling tips and specific treatments. Then call your stylist and ask them what they would recommend specifically for YOU!
As always, Have a GREAT Hair Day!
XO ~ Celina

Celina is the 
Owner/Educator/Master Stylist of TRU Hair Salon

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  1. Hi! I have severely damaged bleach blonde hair. I would love to steer away from bleach and go back to my natural level 7, but am very hesitant due to the level of damage I have. I've heard that Chromatics is safe, and will actually leave my hair stronger, shiney and more fortified, and won't damage my hair. Is this true?


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