Monday, September 9, 2013

Man Hair ~ The Stylista

Men, don't think for a second we don't notice your hair, and not just the abundance, but the style.  Do you groom regularly?  If not, it shows. 

David Beckham ~ Great hair and scruffy beard

Classic great cut

Jared Leto ~ 30 Seconds to Mars

No hair can be just as interesting if done right, not every head was made to be bald.
The Rock Dwayne Johnson

Jason Statham

Grow it out  bit, I like to put my hands in hair.  A little product, i.e. gel or wax can wake up a dull look.
A little longer but still awesome

If you have wavy hair, Rock It!
Don't forget facial hair 

Paul Rudd

LOL Salvador Dali

NO NO NO, do not do this!!!!! 

Last but not least, the Hipster, not a huge fan, but this looks great!

 The Stylista

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