Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Man Care ~ Body, Skin and All the Rest ~ The Stylista

Men...you need to take care of your skin, and just in case you didn't know you are susceptible to the same ski problems as the girls.  Oily, itchy, dry and if you are lucky combination skin.

Dove has a great line that smells great and is affordable.
Or you can hit the beauty counter at the mall and get Clinique.

What about hair removal, not everyone can pull off a hairy look like Teen Wolf.

You have plenty of options for removal, for all parts of the body.  

A fun way to shave the noggin from HeadBlade® 

And now for a rather sensitive subject....Manscaping.  Trust me your important other will appreciate the time you take to groom.  

And you shouldn't feel threatened by the nail salon, nothing shows confidence like a strong handshake, now make sure your hands look the part.  

No one said it had to be boring.

The Stylista

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