Monday, August 26, 2013

Green With Envy ~ The Stylista

I have to giggle at this photo, Sophia looks so serious and this is clearly not a serious color.  As we continue down the rainbow of hair colors, this Monday is about green.

Dip Dyed Blond

She looks ethereal like a fairy

Kelly Green

Washed out aqua

Lots of individual colored strands, in blue, purple, green and aqua make for a gorgeous blend, although I cant even imagine what the upkeep on this costs.

Green Over Black

Blue Hawaiian 

So what, you're Famous!  Evidently it's a license to do anything you want to your hair and we will all oooh and aaaah over it.  

Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj

I am not going to be going green anytime soon, but if done right it might be a fun flirty look.

The Stylista 


  1. I love the dipped dyed blond - green hair. Of course, you can't have this hairstyle and work in a professional office environment. Great post!

  2. Thanks, that was one of my faves too, I can never do that for



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