Saturday, July 27, 2013

Super Hero ~ Guest Blog for Beauty O'Holic ~ Lindsey A. Jones

Super Hero Week for Beauty O'Holic  

My favorite Super Hero is my MOM.  Yes it not a cartoon or some fantasy character but she is pretty amazing.  

Cost of some things Mom does!  Be glad you don't have to pay her salary.

Here are 52 “job titles” a mom holds on any given day;
  1. CEO of the Household
  2. Personal Chef {clients may consist of picky eaters}
  3. Head Cheerleader of {insert your child’s name} team
  4. Housekeeper
  5. Taxi Driver {don’t expect to receive any tips}
  6. Judge Mom {daily court appearances}
  7. PhD in Anger Management
  8. Hair Stylist {mostly consists of impatient clients}
  9. Bed-wetting Patrol Squad
  10. Keeper of Secrets {shh I won’t tell}
  11. Food Tester
  12. Family Therapist {innervation at least once a week}
  13. Toddler Wrestling Coach
  14. Errand Runner
  15. Laundry Machine Operator
  16. Janitor
  17. Teacher {specializing in nursery rhythms, ABC’s and 123′s}
  18. Toy Repair Expert {fixer of the little parts}
  19. Finance Manager
  20. Art Director {remember; beauty is in the eye of the beholder}
  21. Land Scraper {the weeds won’t pull themselves}
  22. Potty Trainer
  23. Search and Rescue {for lost toys}
  24. Champion Tickler
  25. Lifeguard
  26. Daycare Provider
  27. Personal Assistant for the entire family
  28. No-Thumb Sucking Enforcer
  29. Wardrobe Stylist {this may consists of changing your client’s clothes several times a day}
  30. Personal Shopper
  31. Toothbrush Inspector
  32. PTA Mom
  33. Play-date Coordinator
  34. Birthday Events Director
  35. Sleep Scientist {will consist of many overnight studies}
  36. Scary Monster Patrol Officer
  37. Dramatic Story Teller
  38. Backyard Safety Patrol
  39. Professional Singer {concentrating on lullabies}
  40. Boo-Boo Fixer
  41. Kiss and Hugs Expert
  42. Speech Specialist
  43. Vacation Coordinator & Tour Guide
  44. PhD in Reverse Psychology
  45. Separation Anxiety Counselor
  46. In-Law Mediator
  47. Seamstress of Frilly Dresses and Super Hero Costumes
  48. Mrs. Fix-It
  49. Fort Engineer
  50. Stain Removal Expert
  51. Bodyguard
  52. Lady MacGyver

photo credit ~ Life Without Pink

I know that there are some Super DADS out there too 
 But you always call your Mom in times of need cause she will always listen!
If you had a mom like mine who balanced kids, work and going to college at the same time then high five, she is probably the most neurotic and wonderful person you know.  I didn't understand until I became a mom myself, you just want to do more so that your family can have more.  So hug your mom, hug your friends mom...just in case.  

Lindsey J

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