Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting into Running ~ Couch to 5K ~ Lindsey Jones

Time to get fit folks and I have found a solution....


Its not for everyone, but if you can, its a great fat burner and it continues to burn after you finish.  

I know everyone inwardly groans at the thought of running...I am one of you too.

I need to get in shape so I poked around on the app store looking for something to help motivate me.  I had tried Couch to 5k before but didn't stick with it.  

Well the Nice people at Zen Labs created this awesome app that is simple to use and easy to follow.

extra bonuses:

It has a feature that pulls music right from your iTunes library and plugs into my treadmill at the gym (Planet Fitness) so I can charge and listen at the same time.  

You get a daily reward for finishing, I got a free sample of propel the first day and discounts for cool stuff the other days.  

This is the actual screenshot from my iPhone.

If you are interested in seeing more then take a look at the app for iPhone

Good luck and don't give up.

Lindsey J.

I would everyday...twice!

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