Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Cakes ~ The Stylista

Hello Ladies

The next four saturdays will be dedicated to Weddings, all about what to eat to where to have it.

Today is all about the cake.  We all love cake....Luckily for you most cake bakers want to make you happy and offer a wide range of flavors and styles to fit your budget.  Go get that cake with the fruit and cream filling.  Its your day, who cares if Aunt Tessie won't eat it, unless of course she is your favorite Aunt Tessie.  Get creative, wow your guests.  Oh and save me a piece.  

Traditional Styles

Some plain but elegant Fondant

Painted on flowers

Ombre layers

Lovely sugar flowers

Something a little fancier

Differently Stacked Tiers

Creative paisley you can get to match your bridal party.

Lace accents

Non Traditional 

Outdoorsy and Stunning simplicity, for some reason this just screams Duck Dynasty.

These sprinkles are super fun and colorful

Lady fingers for a lady

New trend ~ Cupcakes 


Traditionally chocolate but who says you cant have a little fun with it!

And to top it off
Adorable handmade fabric and thread couple

Wires and Beads

Simply beautiful

Next week is all about the dress!

The Stylista

In the Apple Store now

Beautiful just got faster! 

Stylista is a business management, scheduling, appointment booking, and accounting app. 

One app, multiple possibilities. 

-For clients 
 Stylista is a beauty and hair salon appointment booking app 

-For salons, stylists, on-location makeup and hair, beauty and/or creative  

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