Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mint Colored Accessories ~ The Stylista for Salon Confidential Magazine

Mint continues to be a popular color for any season, with so many accessories to chose from, a girl could compliment any outfit for weeks.  

Mint Hair Bow ~ Sprightly So $9
Mint Infinity Scarf ~ Red Dress Boutique $18
Mint Rose Earrings ~ Etsy $23

Anthropologie $58
Moddeals $6

The Stylista 

In the Apple Store now

Beautiful just got faster! 

Stylista is a business management, scheduling, appointment booking, and accounting app. 

One app, multiple possibilities. 

-For clients 
 Stylista is a beauty and hair salon appointment booking app 

-For salons, stylists, on-location makeup and hair, beauty and/or creative  

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