Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dior Makeup for Spring 2013 ~ The Stylista for Salon Confidential Magazine

Dior ~ Bird of Paradise Collection

Christian Dior had a real passion for travel. From Russia to Ibiza, from Italy to America, he was always striving to broaden Dior's horizons, bringing back colorful souvenirs with endless inspiration from his many voyages. Today, Dior continues to whisk us away on a journey to glittering and idyllic faraway lands. The 'Bird of Paradise' summer collection tells the story of this exotic bird, inspired by the stunning beauty of breathtaking nature and Dior fashion, bursting with color. www.dior.com

Eyeshadows in shades of exotic blue, coral lipstick, peacock blue nail varnish... this summer, our Makeup Design Director Tyen sees the Dior woman as a bird of paradise adorned in cheerful tropical colors. Inspired by Christian Dior's passion for colors, the 'Bird of Paradise' collection tells stories of faraway and exotic lands. To mark the occasion, the legendary 5 Couleurs case has been re-designed with shimmery pigments inspired by the golden sheen of peacock feathers; nail varnishes are offered in pairs for a matching manicure and pedicure; and the Jelly Lip Pen enhances the lips with transparent color...

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The Stylista

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