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Eiji Salon of New York ~ The Stylista

Eiji Salon of New York ~ Dry Cut Innovators

Before opening the unique Eiji Salon on Madison Avenue, Eiji studied for 10 years under the direction of John Sahag the creator of the term and technique of the Dry Cut.  A Dry Cut is done by straightening hair out first then cutting and carving shapes into that dry hair - going in and out, shaping, building, and structuring the hair.

Eiji Yamane is a fresh, honest and underexposed leader in the world of beauty.  Before opening his eponymous salon, he studied for 10 years under the direction of the late stylist-guru John Sahag.  He now owns a beautiful salon on Madison Avenue, with 4500 square feet and charges 400 dollars per cut. Eiji mastered and re-defined Sahag's brilliant and legendary technique known as the "dry cut."  He believes that the dry cut defines a beautiful hairstyle.  At Eiji, the goal is to ensure that the clients not only feel beautiful when they leave, but are able to maintain their style until their next haircut.  Eiji clients enjoy a relaxing atmosphere where they are offered a selection of fine herbal teas to enjoy in the tranquil candle-lit shampoo area.   

The Dry Cut is known for its ability to sculpt, shape, and save time.  In the words of Senior Stylist Cynthia Varon, an apprentice of Eiji, they sacrifice quantity for quality.  Dry Cut at Eiji is about putting shape to the hair where it should naturally go.  The salon focuses on sculpting, no cut is similar.  The consistency and expertise makes the difference.  Dry Cuts are tapered at the end so there is no demarcation; the shape is excellent on its own.  Each Dry Cut takes about an hour and half and clients do not have to come back for 3 months, 1 month for clients with shorter hair.  Eiji is not just a salon it is a workshop, the technique is special and intimate leaving clients happy when they walk out the door.  

Eiji Yamane
Pronounced (A-Gee). Founded in the year 2000. Eiji salon is located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan.. Eiji Salon is a rare gem in the beauty industry, mixing traditional Asian hospitality with innovative style techniques. Eiji offers clients a relaxing environment where they feel welcomed and comfortable- an escape from the fast- paced environment, high voltage, trendy salons that New York City is known for. Designed clean and sleek with refined d├ęcor which includes contemporary furnishing alongside ancient Japanese artifacts and modern works by San Francisco interior designer Koichi Hara. Eiji is best known for its dry cut technique mastered by salon owner Eiji Yamane. The salon is staffed with the finest colorist and stylists New York City has to offer.  The goal at Eiji is to ensure that the clients not only feel beautiful when they leave, but are able to maintain their style until their next haircut.

For more information:

601 Madison Avenue 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022.
Phone. (212) 838-3454

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