Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Oversized White Shirt By: Erin Montgomery

We leave the crisp white winter snow behind for spring’s crisp white oversized shirt.

The oversized white shirt may not seem to be a new trend or a trend that’s even worth writing about but trust me when I say I’m not wasting your time.

This version of the white shirt is a lot more chic than it’s sister white shirt, the form fitting business shirt, the oversized shirt is flattering on every body shape and is extremely versatile. 

Because of it’s oversized style it can easily be taken from day to night with the addition of a couple accessories.  It can be worn tucked in or out. The shirt can be paired with any bottoms that you can already find in your closet like trousers, leggings and even skirts.

Not only is it a staple item for your spring wardrobe, because its white it can be perfectly matched with all of the spring beauty trends like the red lip or the icy eyeshadows.


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  2. Thank you Martin, I have to agree, sometimes moms and daughters are on such polar opposites in thinking that it is nice to have a commonality. Fashion can be a jump off point for conversation.


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