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Skin Food For Thought ~ Meghan Delavan

A few months ago, in January to be exact, I tried on a dress that I had been eyeing for quite some time. It was beautiful. The results when I looked in the mirror? I saw not just a poor figure in the mirror, but an entirely unhealthy person who I didn't really know. The reality of myself had somehow become terrifying, yet it was at this moment that I decided to transform my lifestyle. When I got home I joined a popular weight loss website and three months later I am now not the woman I was then. It's been amazing. 

At the beginning of my journey I quickly found that my largest problem was an extremely common one--nutrition. I love candy and cupcakes and chocolate and onion rings. I also love skincare and kind of knew food and face were related. Who hasn't gotten "pizza face" from eating too much pizza? I falsely assumed the connection stopped there. I discovered that as I radically changed my nutritional habits my skin required significantly less time, energy and products than ever before. I found that just as eating pizza caused those nasty breakouts, eating cucumbers caused calm, cool and corrected skin. I was incredibly excited!

There must of been more to this nutrition stuff after all. I dove deeper into this wondering if this were true for my skin type, was it true for everyone's? The answer is a resounding yes! There's so much information out there about skin nutrition and way too much for a blog. I've created a simple solution. Below is a guide displaying how by  making one simple change, no matter what you common skin concern may be, you can get your visage dramatically closer to where you'd like it to be. Enjoy!

Adult/hormonal acne-

As we get older our skin changes and not always in the ways we expect. Aging sometimes comes with weird, unprecedentedly difficult acne from all the hormonal fluctuations that take place in your forties and fifties. And you thought you wanted to be a teenager again? No way! Obviously, seeing a doctor should be the primary action that you take in combating this issue specifically. While your waiting for that appointment cut the white flour out of your life completely and switch to all WHOLE WHEAT. White flour spikes your blood sugar and hormone levels (increasing your skin's reactivity) whereas whole wheat does not. So cool!  If you want to take this concept a step further, a diet with foods low on the Glycemic Index will do the trick!


Flax Seed Oil-You've wished for a little vacuum that would just completely eliminate blackheads from your visage along with that pesky t-zone oiliness, right? That invention hasn't come just yet, but flax seed oil is a close alternative. Adding one tablespoon a day to your diet tames those lame sebaceous glands and even helps to decongest them. I prefer using a supplement because its easier to swallow and does not require refrigeration, but its truly your choice! Bonus? It has about a million other benefits that will keep you healthy internally and externally for a long time to come!

Dry skin-

Is your skin parched, thirsty, ashy, flaky, like the Mojave desert despite applying the thickest of creams? There is a lot going on there beneath the surface for you, lady (or gent)! Let me explain. Your skin gets almost everything it needs, not from creams and serums, but from your blood. Essentially, your body regulates how much sustenance your dermal layers get based on the resources available. Things are simple when you're getting what you need. When you're running short on nutrients, however, it cuts your skin's supply off like a greedy hotel heiress. It will even go so far as to steal resources from your beautiful skin!  Vitamins to build collagen and elastin for plumpness and firmness? Gone! Water for hydrated, non-flaky skin? Gone! My advice to you is to take a daily multivitamin with full daily values of Vitamins A,C,E, Copper and Zinc for plump, firm, and hydrated skin. You'll have all the building blocks you need and your whole body will be thanking you! P.S. Don't forget to drink plenty of water!


If your concern with aging is fine lines and wrinkles I would direct you to the advice for dry skin from above, just for a different reason. Your skin cell turnover, about 28 days in your prime, slows down as you age. Compounded with this, the skin cells that do surface are aren't as firm and round as they once were. It naturally happens over time. Don't be sad! Taking that daily multivitamin with the key ingredients I mentioned above helps to build collagen and elastin or your skin's scaffolding  Know those women that you look at, find out their age, and!? Sure, there's a genetic component to their beauty, that can't be denied. The fact remains they are most likely reaping the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Reap your reward!


Have you ever felt like your skin is a radiator you could use to heat a small city? Redness is insane this way and many others. Note, this isn't simply having a pink undertone when you'd rather adhere to the trend of bronzed perfection. This is a serious skin condition with dry patches, tendencies to flush, rash and a slew of other symptoms. One of the best things you can do diet wise is to eliminate spicy foods and alcohol as both of these items increase reddening blood flow to the face. You probably knew that from experience. What you may not know is that  to repair dry patches taking Vitamin A can greatly help! It also, fun fact, may lead to an overall reduction of redness. I know you want that!

I am in no way suggesting that I have the skin and medical expertise of Dr. Murad. What I am suggesting with all of this information is that it's easy to get focused on topical, temporary solutions when beauty is far more than skin deep. How have I not realized all of this sooner? If you're a professional you have everything to gain by encouraging whole life solutions to the whole life concerns of your clients. If you're a beauty fan, you REALLY have everything to gain by acting now! By the way, its a great month to start using this advice since March is National Nutrition Month in the U.S! 

Nutritiously and deliciously yours,

Stylista Meghan

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