Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Big Day in the Big Apple ~ Meghan Delavan

It's 6 AM. It's 6 AM and I'm out the door and on a train barreling towards New York City. It is WAY too early, I'm groggy and to add another insult to these very slight injuries, I ran out of the door makeup-less and will have to do myself up commuter style. No big deal. I am going to New York City, modern Rome, the center of the world; there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Nothing. By 8:30 I will be in a master class, my makeup done, ready to learn.

I live for these days. The vast amount of continuing education is the number one reason I love being in this industry. Some people go for years in their career without being educated on anything innovative or exciting. We, however, get to learn fresh, inspiring and pretty techniques all the time. There is endless room to develop oneself, how amazing is that? As my train rolls on, I make it a point to truly appreciate our unique position.

I arrive, but despite my excitement there is a modicum of apprehension in the back of my mind. The cause of this anxiety is not academic, but aesthetic. Let me explain. The brand conducting this class in particular has an especially high concentration of employees with absolutely stunning, perfect, beautiful, impeccable skin. This is so apparent to me that I usually spend more time getting ready for meetings with them than I do for some dates. Can you relate? It's only natural that we should want to look our best, even more so in this instance. My problem is - I am not in the stunningly gorgeous, off the charts, amazing skin phase of my life yet. When does that come, by the way? For the time being I will have to "fake it until I make it". I've found with the two following Juice Beauty products that I don't have to fake it, I just need to use the right products to make it. 

Green Apple Blemish Clearing Peel ($39) 

Since I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time in the morning, I started to prepare for my day the night before. I could not have been more thrilled that I did. For starters, it was relaxing and though I did feel a slight sensation, it did not sting one bit. Care about the smell of a product? Well this product has a lovely smell as you smoothly glide the aloe-rich mixture on your face. According to the company's website, the benefits include a "Patented organic fruit acid complex with raw cane sugar [that] exfoliates to reduce breakouts and even skin tone & texture" and is for "oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types." Most of us can use the twice-weekly Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel and see some significant results. The company has two other similar peels if you do not fall into the oily/combination/acne prone skin categories, and I'm positive they are equally as luxurious and easy to use as this one. After the 10 minute wear time I found that the removal was just as simple as the application. My skin instantly felt more smooth and hydrated and appeared to be more even ... the very factors that help us achieve the skin we desire. Fun fact: I am a self-proclaimed peel geek. If you're like me, or even a peel novice, use this peel, you'll be hooked!

Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream ($39) 

If you just found the perfect BB Cream forget about it and try a CC Cream, and don't ever go back. OK, you can go back, just consider some of the wonderful CC Creams that are emerging at the moment - namely, this one. This product has not 5 or 6, but 12 functions that synergistically work together to deliver potent anti-aging skincare and instant skin perfection. It's a cosmetic-skincare hybrid in the truest sense of the term. Is it me, or is this something many of us dream of? The two shades, "Natural Glow" and "Warm Glow", repair, even, firm, protect, brighten, balance, deeply hydrate and texture-wise it's a dream to apply. Its non-greasy formula melts and adjusts to your skin immediately as if it were custom made. Who doesn't want that? Finally, like all the company's products, its organic rendering is not only "on trend" for flesh-toned beauty creams, but light years ahead of it.

Seriously, its already 6 PM and my skin is still feeling great. How very rare! I really can't thank Juice Beauty enough for partnering with me to make this day possible. I had a great time learning some tricks that I can't wait to share with you in the future. There was one amazing cherry on top - I was complimented after the class by one of the "stunning" employees on the appearance of my skin! I won't forget any part of this wonderful day for awhile.

Have you ever had a similar anxiety to this? What did you do to remedy it? I'd love to know!


Stylista Meghan

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