Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Relationship-Proof Your Makeup ~ Meghan Delavan

It seems to me that the period from about New Years until now people reflect on their relationship statuses more than at any other time of the year. The result for many of those reflecting? Tears! Eek! Yes, sometimes its from the elation of a marriage proposal or an especially sweet valentine. Many times, however, its from sadness, in-fact more people breakup in January and February months of than at any other time of the year. Eww! I myself went through a breakup last month and hear you me it is not the slightest amount of fun. 

What does this have to do with makeup? Everything! I wasn't all too careful with correlating the products I was using with my life situation. The results was a mess of black eyeliner and mascara flowing down my face at sometimes very inconvenient times. Actually, almost all inconvenient times. And let me tell you, not even the best eye shadow primers will stand up to a good cry. Life is tough, but your makeup needs to be tougher. 

Engaged or disengaged, I've found the perfect eye look (eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara and all) for tepid tears of any occasion and I'm not even going to keep my secrets to myself! To make it even easier for you I've drawn up a little tutorial below. 

Waterproof Wonders
-Chanel Crayon Yeux Waterproof in Cassis
-Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
-MAC Pro-Longwear Paintpots 
    Chilled On Ice
    Dangerous Cuveé
    Frosted Violet
-Urban Decay: The All-Nighter

Step One: Prime your eyes with your favorite eye-shadow primer before beginning if you would like. I opted out for the eye primer myself because it felt redundant to prime something that can be used as a primer itself. I URGE you to do what you want with this because makeup is fun and about showing off your soul more than anything. If your soul is primed, prime away!

Step Two: "Apply Chilled On Ice" from lash to brow. You will notice that these new paint pots are super creamy and emollient. Depending on your skin-tone you may need to apply a few times to get your ideal gold effect, allow about 45 seconds to one minute between applications to allow for drying time. You can enhance the gold color by adding a light gold eye-shadow if you don't mind deviating from the waterproof concept a bit. "Blunt" by Urban Decay or "Enlighten" by LORAC are both ideal for this.

Step Three: Apply the purple cream shadow, "Frosted Violet" on the lid from the lash-line to up slightly past the crease on the outer half of the lid.

Step Four: Not allowing for drying time for "Frosted Violet", apply dark purple-gray, "Dangerous Cuveé" shadow to the outer corner of the eye and blend color to create a faint smoky appearance. 

Step Five: Reapply "Chilled on Ice" from inner corner towards the middle and blend into purple. If you'd like to deviate from using the wonderfully water-resistant paint pot shadows you can fortify the gold with either Urban Decay's "Blunt" or "Enlighten" by LORAC.

Step Six: It's time to finish! Line the upper and lower lash and water lines, curl lashes, apply mascara, and set with Urban Decay's "The All-Nighter".This setting spray in undoubtedly one of the greatest things to happen to waterproof long-wear makeup. I myself used this in 120 degree heat and not a pigment budged off my face!

All of the sudden, you'll have this gorgeous look below!

If you need something more simple or are under a time crunch, try the new Clinique Chubbystick for Eyes in "Pink and Plenty", "Lavish Lilac" and "Curvaceous Coal". I really enjoy these because of their convenience blendability and the fact that after they set water literally beads on the surface. So cool! I've seen it with my own eyes! 
Anyway, I love these vibrant, life-proof eyes and I'm thinking you'll dig them, too! Try this look or your waterproof favorites and tweet them to @stylistabysc and @magneggy so we can see all you adorably creative men and women out there!
Keep your new big eyes focused on the beauty of the world around you in addition to your beauty inside and out! I really pray that this season that your tears are tears of joy, and if they are not that they would be turned into joy very soon. Don't worry, the right person will ruin all your makeup during a tickle fight and not care if you're wearing a smidgen of it. You are entirely full of worth and beautiful! 

Loving you endlessly,

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