Saturday, January 12, 2013

Surviving the Winter Months ~ Erin Montgomery

Winter is now in full swing and it is only just getting started. Unfortunately we will be dealing with the cold frigid season for longer than we care to admit. With winter comes a number of beauty tragedies but don't hide for cover just yet, because with every beauty tragedy comes a quick fix, and we are not about to let you down.

Here are the top 3 beauty tragedies for winter and how you can fix them using everyday products that you probably already own:

Dry Skin

Now this problem can happen all year round but it is more present in the cold months. Winter skin is the worst kind, it seems like no matter how much expensive moisturizer you use those dry skin flakes always find a way to take centre stage. You may be surprised to know that the answer to dry skin has been living in your kitchen this whole time. It as simple as drinking water, yes water, people always tell you that you should drink 8 tall glasses of water everyday and they are absolutely right. 

Water hydrates your skin and if you are consistent with it you will notice a considerable amount of difference within a couple weeks, it is a very inexpensive way to bring moisture back into your skin. Aside from drinking water there are a couple other ways to combat dry skin, appealing baby oil to damp skin is a great way to lock in moisture and who doesn't want baby soft skin, the air in the house typically tends to be dryer in the winter so a great way to bring moisture back into the air is using a humidifier this will also help to keep the moisture in your skin and it will work to prevent those pesky dry skin flakes.

Dry Hair

From dry skin to dry hair winter sure does take a toll of your appearance. Our sun kissed hair has lost all its appeal and we are faced with broken ends and a frizzy crown of uncontrollable hair. For most of us we keep our hair tied in a bun in order to avoid any unwanted static. Fear not because just as we cured your dry skin we have the solution to your dry hair problems and again the answers are so simple you will be shaking head wondering why you never thought of it before. Firstly washing your hair on a daily basis is unhealthily for the hair when you are constantly washing out all the natural oils in your hair you are stripping it and sitting yourself up for a mane of dry hair, try washing your once every 3 days and you will notice that your hair it little more controllable and softer and on those days that you don't wash your hair you can brush in a little baby powder to soak up the oily residue. 

For the winter months we need to reintroduce you to your best friend, your hair conditioner, in the summer you can skip a condition or two but in the winter your hair longs for it. Conditioning after every shampoo helps look in moisture and keeps your hair healthy through winter. Now this next idea may not be for everyone but brushing your hair less will save it in the long run. Brushing your hair too much causes breakage and thats the last thing we want. We know not brushing your hair may be a little unrealistic but instead of brushing it once in the morning and once before bed try brushing it only before bed giving your hair a breath in-between brushes will help prevent breakage and build stronger locks. 

Dry Nails

Lastly lets touch upon those dry, brittle nails that you are trying to hide with dark nail polish. It is nothing to be ashamed of because we all experience it and we have no one to blame but old man winter. Treating dry nails it a lot easier than you may think and it can be treated using some of the same methods we have already mentioned above. Drinking water is not only good for your skin but the hydration will help your nails. 

Again eight glasses of winter a day is not just something your mom is constantly nagging about it really does help improve the overall look of your skin and nails. Sometimes mama really does know best. Just like your hair needs conditioning so do your cuticles, using a cuticle cream on a daily basis will stop the painful skin peeling the occurs around the sides of the nail and that peeling really does hurt just as much as the smallest paper cut. Once more great tip for battling dry nails is to get into the habit of wearing gloves when doing chores around the house because those household cleaners can leave your nails dry and brittle. 

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