Thursday, January 17, 2013

So You Want To Be a Model ~ Part Three

The 3rd way to get into modeling, thanks to Reality TV, is to try-out for America’s Next Top Model on Bravo.  
You can go online and get the info for applying.  Of course, you have to be chosen out of 1000’s of prospective models, and on this new cycle they are going co-ed!  So, the guys can get in on ANTM now! 

Model: Christine Coates for Salon Confidential Magazine

I guess the next question to ask is:
“How do we go about getting our first photos, either to bring with us to the agency or to put on the websites?”  That depends on which route you take. 

If you go with an agency you will have to arrange with them, to have a photo shoot with one of their staff photographers.  Usually, they will make an appointment for you to meet at a studio or destination of the photographers’ choosing.  

If you decide to go at this on your own, you will have to build your own portfolio. Either by using photos that you already have (which are usually poor quality, or by contacting a photographer to have a photo shoot arranged.  Most of the photographers on the sites that I mentioned above, will likely bargain with you to do a shoot with them.  Especially, if you/they have a look that they want for their portfolio.  

It’s called, TF (time for) CD or Print, so TFCD or TFP. Or, you can hire a photographer either way; you should get some professional photos that you can use for your portfolio.  

Model: Christine Coates for Salon Confidential Magazine

As I mentioned earlier about the Comp cards; they are Composite cards and are the key to marketing for any model.  They are usually a single “flip” card that has a “head shot” on the front and 3 or 4 other shots on the back as well as your stats.  (Which are your age, height, weight, measurements, etc.) These are used when the model is looking for a gig (job).  They are called “go sees” which just means, going to the interview for the job.  It is the best way for them to remember who you are, and will have your photos and your stats right there all in one place.  These comp cards can run anywhere from $100 upwards depending on how elaborate they are.  You can also get them on most of the model sites, sort of a “build your own” but will still cost you, not just as much as maybe the agency will charge…kind of like printing your own business cards on some of the internet sites that are out there like Vista Print, etc.

To wrap up what seems like endless amounts of information, which I could go on and on…
Like I mentioned earlier, we went with the 2nd option of doing it ourselves.  It has been over 5 years now, my daughter is now 22, and almost considered “too old”.  We have met tons of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, celebrities, other models, the list goes on…that we consider friends; it was a great learning experience.  

All this has led to both of us starting careers in this industry.  My daughter, as a model for a new up and coming Salon Software; Stylista by SC and Salon Confidential Magazine, and myself as one of the copy editors/bloggers, model manager and office manager for the same company.  Also, I am a model scout with a South Florida agency, so I guess we didn’t do too badly for ourselves!

I don’t think that we would have done anything differently, other than wishing that we had someone giving us this information before we got started.  
You have to decide who to shoot with and I can’t stress this enough, be careful!

Our experience has been one of shelling out thousands of dollars and a huge learning experience for both of us!   Thank God, in the end, our perseverance has paid off and hopefully, soon, we will be as successful as we had hoped in the beginning! 

Feel free to ask me about our experiences through this website, I would love to talk to you about your experiences and be glad to give you advice.


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