Saturday, January 12, 2013

Break The Winter Mold ~ Erin Montgomery

Winter is really a dull season everything seems a little darker and a little less inventive, but does it have to be? We can't let winter drag us down, we have been experiencing winter for hundreds of years so it really shouldn't be a big shock to our closets when those bright summer clothes go into hibernation. But for some reason every year it is! Well not this year, this year we are bringing those bright summer colours into the dull months with coloured stockings.

When we think of wearing stockings we immediately picture a wool fabric in either brown, black or gray and it tends to be paired with a dark suit or dress. But this winter all that nonsense we once believed is a thing of the past. Coloured stockings are the bright light you are been looking for. They bring a little extra visual appeal to any outfit and they are featured in great jewel tones like burgundy and purple which makes wearing them to the office easy and appropriate. 

Coloured stockings aren't your only option this season, you can also try a patterned legging or a coloured legging or even a coloured skinny jean. The options are endless and with that winter is no longer a dull season. Remember just because the weather outside is a million shades of grey doesn't mean your wardrobe has to reflect that. Surviving winter is already hard enough, make it a little easy to live through by adding a pop of colour, it will brighten your day and help you forgot that the sun sets at 4pm.

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