Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stocking Stuffers For The Ladies ~ Erin Montgomery

The Christmas season is upon us and as everyone is focusing on buying the perfect gifts we may be forgetting something. What about those little gifts that are stuffed in our stockings? 

Now typically the men in our lives will stuff our stockings with the most predictable things like chocolate or bath soaps but let’s be honest do we really need another pretty smelling bath soap? Probably not. But we do have to give them some credit, they do try to get you things you would enjoy.

I am writing this post to make it a little easier on your man this year so take a minute and copy this link, now email it to him and do not be subtle about it, in the subject line write: THINGS I WOULD LIKE IN MY STOCKING, that should get his attention.

The top 5 stocking stuffers for the lady in your life:

Glass Nail File

Ringing in at only $10 the glass nail file is the perfect stocking stuffer. The glass file is the gift that keeps on giving it gives your nails the perfect sculpt every time. Its durable and washable and it prevents breakage and splitting of the nails.

Small Gift Cards

What woman does love her Starbucks in the morning? And a great way to treat her is to throw a small gift card of maybe $10 or $15 into her stocking. Trust me she will be thanking you as she pulls up to the drive thru window on her way to work.

Massage Oil

Now this stocking stuffer can work both ways. I am sure she has been hinting that she could use a massage so to save your wallet $80 why not use the massage oils to treat your lady to a relaxing massage after a long workweek. And you never know she may return the favor.


Another idea would be a funky pair of earrings, nothing expensive just a great piece of costume jewelry. Women are always looking for ways to dress up an outfit and earrings will do just that. 


And no I am not talking about couples for ½ price off cleaning supplies; I am referring to homemade coupons from you that she can cash in at anytime, for example a coupon for you to wash her car or make her dinner. A simple gesture to show her that you appreciate her and all that she does.

till next time


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