Friday, November 9, 2012

Sleepwear to Daywear ~ Erin Montgomery

6am your alarm goes off, you roll out of bed and slam your hand down on the snooze button, another day is upon you.

You drag yourself out of bed and stand in front of your closet for what seems like hours only to realize you have nothing to wear.

On days like this one don’t you just wish it were appropriate to wear your pajamas all day?
Well, great news, it is! Falls hottest trend is taking the pajama out of the bedroom and into the streets.

It is your fantasy come to life, falls hottest trend is to mix and match your pajama tops and bottoms to create an effortless chic statement.

The pajama trend may seem like a hard look to pull off but it really isn’t, just pair your pajama top with a pair of skinny jeans or pencil skirt or if you’re daring enough where the whole outfit with heels and the proper accessories to make it more daywear appropriate.

The great thing about this trend is that it flatters everyone. It looks good on all body shapes and it compliments you no matter what your height. There is also no age cap on this trend, it looks just as amazing on an 18 year old as it does on the thirty-something year old career woman.

Rihanna nailed it!

One rule you must remember when attempting this trend is to always pair it with a pair of heels otherwise you run the risk of looking like someone who literally just rolled out of bed, and that look doesn’t look good on anyone.

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