Monday, November 19, 2012

Hair Trends 2012 ~ Erin Montgomery

2012 has brought has an array of fashion trends but its not all about the clothes we wear, the hairstyle we pair with that outfit can speak volumes for your personal style. And this year the hairstyles brought out all our best features.

Hairstyle trends change from season to season but every year there are those few styles that can carry you through all four seasons. For 2012 those hairstyles include the side part, the sleek ponytail, the high bun and braids.

The Side Part

The side part is 2012’s most flattering hairstyle, it can be worn on any hair length or texture and works well with any face shape. Another great attribute of the side part is it makes your face appear thinner, which makes it every woman’s go to look.

The High Bun

A hairstyle that can take you from day to night from the office to the weekend, the high bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles. It once again flatters all face shapes and is a chic alternative to the ballet bun. Its sleek look lets you put your best face forward.

The Braid

Braids are the hairstyles that have been in and out for a few years; luckily for us they are the trendsetters for 2012. The braid can be worn in many different ways the most common is the textured side braid. The side braid is a great hairstyle for rushed mornings as it still looks chic and is still office appropriate. 

The hairstyles for 2012 are all about being flattering and effortless, each hairstyle is easily transformed from day to night and their main goal is to create a flatting style for every face shape. These hairstyles work for every woman with every hair length and texture.

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