Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Girl in a Size Two World ~ Jessica Monroe

The Stylista would like to bring a new blogger into the fold of lovely writers. 

 Welcome Jessica Monroe. 

Hello readers,

I am Jessica Monroe, but you can call me Jess.  I am bringing all that is fabulous for the big girl.  Being a big girl myself I can identify with the problems and trials that we go through to be seen as equal and beautiful.  Today I want to talk about what is sexy?  

Sexy:  /ˈseksē/ 

  1.  Sexually attractive or exciting.

Thats what the dictionary says, I say it is what you think it is.  

Thank you Dove for opening some eyes

Whitney Thompson

Nancy Upton for American Apparel 

Crystal Renn

Not everyone was born to be a size two, big girl love is loud and clear. Stores are carrying the larger sizes because execs are finally learning that we have money to spend and we want to look just as smashing at the party as the next girl.  From wedding dresses to swim suits, being big is not a shameful thing anymore, its beautiful.

Much Love, 


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