Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shades for Fall Nails ~ Erin Montgomery

All this talk about fall fashions has got us thinking, we have covered your staple items, the color trends for the season and even a new hairstyle to try but we bypassed one extremely important accessory, your nails. Today we introduce you to four of the fall’s newest nail polishes that will keep your nails happy all season long.


Estee lauder
A color you would probably overlook when choosing a polish but the colour is so deep and rich that it is a chic shade for your nails. The color oozes sophistication and is easily carried from the office to a night on the town.

Rusty Red & Burnt Orange

Le Metier de Beaute
It seems the changing colors of the leaves have inspired a few new nail polishes all within the orange family. These shades are perfect for fall as they help to remind us that fall is more than just the season before the freezing weather, fall is filled with rich colors and we can now where these colors proudly.


Have a party to attend this season? Looking for a nail lacquer that screams fun and funky without being loud and bright? Look no further because purple is the season’s festive color. Deep shades of purple will compliment any party outfit and will give your 
nails a reminder that they don’t need to be bright neon colors in order to enjoy a night of music and dancing.

Concrete Gray

China Glaze
Typically for fall we look for darker colors like black or navy but this fall put the black back on the shelf and try a gray hue instead. Gray has become the new black for fall and its foggy colour will give your nails a rock solid look without taking away from the femininity of nail varnish. 

Do yourself a favour and make room on your nail polish shelf for these four new colours for fall, your wardrobe and your nails will thank you with all the 
compliments and jealous looks 
you will receive from people 
who wish they had your style.

Till next time,

Erin M.

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