Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Find Your Inner Hippie ~ Erin Montgomery

Ever wonder what it would be like to live like a hippie? How amazing would it be to live a free spirited life? I can’t advise you to drop everything and change your lifestyle but there is another way to embrace your inner free spirit like incorporating a paisley print into your wardrobe.

It seems that trends from the 90s are making a comeback this season. Aside from paisley prints the 90s beauty trends are coming back for a second chance. 

This seasons paisley prints are more sophisticated and chic than the muted retro prints of the 1960s. Wearing paisley is fairly simple all you do is choose one item of clothing whether it be a pencil skirt or a blouse and pair it with a solid. 

You don’t want to pair two separate paisley prints together as it can be rather distracting to look it. You want your outfit to be visually appealing.

Paisley is a very versatile print, for fall we are seeing the print in clothing as well as shoes, purses and even jewelry. So what paisley print will complete your wardrobe?


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