Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Trends ~ Black and Blue ~ Meredith Crawley

The Stylista would like you all to meet our newest Guest Blogger, Meredith Crawley of Beauty O'holic......

Hot off the Press…Black and Blue!

Last fall, the fashion world ruled out the combination Black and Blue, because people wondered if the colors together were intention or not. Well, Ladies, Black and Blue is this year’s latest fashion trend!

There are fashion rules that are sensible, such as don’t turn up at someone else’s wedding in a long white dress or to a job interview in clothes you’d watch daytime TV in. Then there are the rules that change every season, which are the hardest to keep up with and therefore the most important to get right. Mess up one rule and you’ll be labeled as a fashion 
rebel or totally clueless.
Rachel Bilson

Last year, one of those rules was that you should never wear black with brown, navy, or bright colors with black. While blue isn’t necessarily considered a “bright” color, it was still considered a fashion “no-no”.

If I remember correctly, this was a big deal back in the 90’s when Backstreet Boys were BIG! 
Haha, just kidding, but it is one of their labels.

 Kate Hudson and Audrina Partidge 
Katy Perry
Emma Stone

Lauren Conrad

Now, you can wear black with color, and, indeed, you should.

Here’s the Deal: Black, Brown and Navy are considered the neutrals for Fall 2012. This means you can wear them anyway, with pretty much anything, including each other!

I love the look of a navy blue dress with black shoes (Emma Stone’s look)! Anything goes with these colors and you should feel free to mix them however you want.


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