Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sharp Dressed Woman ~ Erin Montgomery

Fall is in full swing now and while most of us have settled into our oversized sweaters and leggings we can’t help but wonder if there is something missing from our fall wardrobes.

Every season a new trend is introduced and for those few months we bask in the glory of that trend but what if there was a trend that carried over?  What if there was a trend that was timeless and classic? Well there is no more need for what ifs because menswear for women is that trend which can be adapted into any season, the trend that knows no end.

There are a lot of styles of menswear for women but for Fall there 3 styles that should be staples in your closet.

The Tuxedo Style Blazer
The blazer is a menswear trend that most of us picked up on a few years ago but what makes the tuxedo style blazer different is it is a longer jacket in black or white. It looks as though you threw on your significant others tuxedo jacket and had it perfectly altered to fit your figure. Because of it’s longer shape it can be worn with anything and is easy to dress up or down.

Menswear inspired shoes is a little harder to transition into a womenswear look. A spin on the man’s dress show is about as close as we have come to a crossover. Within the last few months we have noticed a new design creeping up on our radars, the loafer has made the switch to the feminine side. Now don’t be afraid that those shoes will transport you back into the 1980’s when fashion was more of a miss than a hit, these loafers have been designed with the modern woman in mind. It is the perfect combination of style and comfort something that is very hard to achieve. 

Menswear Watch
Every outfit needs an accessory; that extra pop that ties the whole outfit together. If you are looking for a way of adding a little masculinity to your feminine style a great accessory would be a man’s watch. Now it is not easy to find a mans watch that will fit your wrist but it is completely worth it once you do come across the one that fits. If you are a little unsure of the way the watch looks you can layer it with a bunch of bangles to add a feminine touch.

Next time you see a well-dressed man on the street let your mind wonder back to this article and think to yourself how can I make his masculine style work with my feminine style to create the perfect menswear look for the woman of his dreams. 


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