Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Professional Advice ~ The Royal Treatment ~ Ashley Rose

The Royal Treatment:

Stylists dish on why some clients get it and why you may have been left out in the cold.

 If you wonder why all your friends have such amazing hair AND an awesome relationship with their hairstylists and you can’t get an appointment with yours till next year, then you have to man-up and ask yourself if you’ve been a Royal Client or a Royal Pain in the cHAIR! 

Hair stylists LOVE to pamper our guests! It’s the most common characteristic of ALL hairstylists, to truly WANT to deliver amazingly awesome customer service, even on our worst of days! 

If you feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick ask yourself if you fall into any of these 8 Client Faux Pas. If you do, change it up and see your status go to Royal in no time at all!

1.) After your stylist recommends that you should stop using your over-the-counter hair care products and switch to professionally prescribed salon products to address the complaints you sat in the chair with, you decide that today’s not the day. You leave, purchase your $2.99 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and it ruins your $85 Customized Color and makes your hair flat. Stylists hate when their advice falls on deaf ears. Product Recommendations are rarely about meeting sales quotas, most often it’s because a Professional Stylist KNOWS what will make their work look its best. If you went to a Dermatologist to treat your breakouts and the Dr. prescribed a cream that she said would fix your problem, would you not fill the Rx and continue to spot treat your pimples with toothpaste?  Really?  This IS our specialty, after all!

2.) You forget to tip, EVERY TIME (or you do but it’s insulting).You demand more than any other regular client. And you expect to be treated better than anyone else. Now, how is that realistic? Show your appreciation and we’ll show ours! A good tip says a lot and it may very well affect the stylist’s willingness to schedule you again, offer complimentary services or products or choose to continue to serve you! Appreciation for service is generally displayed with a tip of anywhere between 15-25% of the Service Total. 

3.) It’s impossible to make you happy no matter what miracles we perform. Stylists dread that client that loves the cut or the color, walks out as happy as can be, then calls the day after and hates it. We have to ask, “What’s REALLY bothering you? Because it’s NOT really your hair!”

4.) You're a DRAMA queen. It’s one thing to get in a chair and gossip a little. We actually expect that from you. But when you rant and rave for 2 hours non-stop about how your ex-boyfriend's mother's sister's father's daughter's cousin is sleeping with your bff's brother's uncle's mother's daughter, it’s exhausting. Let’s talk about you and your HAIR! If you want a full size couch for your session we will be forced to charge you much, much more!

5.) KNOW-IT-ALL. You know more than your stylist. Oh yeah? You already know how to do everything with your hair? Remind me why exactly you are sitting in MY chair, please? We know that you can share some insight about how your hair behaves when it’s at home with you. But we’ve got the tricks and tips that come with the experience of 30 case-studies a week! We also like to take your everyday challenges out for ice-cream every so often because they are what keep us in business! If we didn’t know all the answers, we wouldn’t have a job. And you wouldn’t need to see us.

6.) Do NOT expect a great haircut when you are on your cell phone the entire time. Let's face it; talking on the phone in a public place is rude enough. If you are expecting a quality, perfectly symmetrical haircut, the phone must go down. And we don't have "just a sec" (and put that finger down!), to wait for your new b.f.f to trash your old b.f.f. The next client would appreciate it if we finished in time for her appointment. Ok? Ok!

7.) “Fashionably late is always fashionable” Said your hairstylist, NEVER! If you are late to your appointment, then sit down and can’t even give us a general idea of what you want, you fall into that "dreaded client" territory. If you are on-time, you are already 15 minutes late! Although we are equipped with Special Powers, mind-reading is NOT one of them. Show up on time. Give us an IDEA of what you want or don’t want. Give us the artistic freedom to suggest colors, cuts & styles that WILL work best for you, and take our advice. 

8.) Loyalty is priceless in this industry. If I spend 45 minutes to an hour or longer working to achieve hair happiness for you, and I do, it’s a really great idea to follow my recommendation as to when you need to visit me again for maintenance. If you “visit” another stylist, who has NO IDEA what we went through together, you can’t possibly expect to have the hair of your dreams – you are wrapped up in a cycle of bad hair. All because of your fear of commitment! A loyal client truly receives the Royal Treatment! I’m even HAPPY to recommend OTHER stylists I know will take good care of you if I’m out of town or down for the count! But if you go out on your own, then you’re on your own!

~Ashley Rose 

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