Friday, August 24, 2012

Hardcase Handbags ~ Erin Montgomery

It seems that fall is approaching rather quickly, the nights are getting cooler and the days at the beach are becoming shorter. As we head into the last month of summer we need to start planning our fall wardrobe. And the best place to start the planning process is with your fall handbag choice.

Let me take this time to reintroduce you to a vintage style that is making a name for itself on the runways for fall. 

Hardcase handbags are big for fall, designers have put a modern spin on the structured bag creating something that is very feminine yet embodies a manly essence that is perfect for fall as men’s apparel for women is sticking around for another season.

Hardcase handbags come in a variety of shapes from vintage round cases or hatboxes to miniature rectangle suitcases to briefcase styles. This trend is not only appropriate for the returning college student but for the successful businesswoman as well.  

This look is timeless and classic and very unexpected. A handbag with a hard outer shell is not something you expect but the over structured look is unique and very fashion forward. It is great for the budding career woman as it shows confidence and fearlessness. 

Every season we talk about the staple item that should be the center of your wardrobe and for fall I am proclaiming the hardcase handbag the staple item.


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