Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Medals or Metallic Hair? ~ Erin Montgomery

With the Olympics just a day away it seems that the gold, silver and bronze medals have inspired more than just athletes. As a little kid you may have dreamed of winning a medal at the Olympic games, well now is your chance to have a piece of that medal to show off. The metallic colours have made a name of themselves as one of the hottest hair trends of the summer.
Alex Brownsell, the founder of Bleach Salon in London, has taken the metallic hair pops off the runway and is tying to bring them into the streets of London. And so far it seems to be catching on.
The metallic hair trend adds a high sheen to your hair, which is great for a night out or that end of summer beach party. And you are not limited to bronze, gold or silver, while they are the most sought after colours, there is ways to add a metallic hint to pink and blue.
Now one could say that this is just a passing fad and it will disappear just as quickly as it has appeared but that is no reason to not have a little bit of fun with it first.
If you plan on trying out the metallics just remember that is not permanent hair colour and it will only last about a week providing you take care of it, which means not washing it often and staying away from heat styling. You can also try metallic hair pieces instead of dying your natural hair.
Stand tall on the podium this summer and show the world that metallic colours are not just worn by some of the world’s greatest athletes but by some of the world’s most fashion forward individuals.

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