Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Neon Never Looked So Good ~ By Erin Montgomery

A bright pop of unexpected colour is not just for a night out on the town anymore. The summer months have brought out a daring side to the beauty experts. Neon makeup from eyes to lips is coming back to life after its decade long stay in the 80’s.
Now just because neon make up is the summer’s hottest trend it doesn’t give us daring girls the go ahead to run around looking like we escaped from the circus. Neon make up has to be applied properly and with in reason.

If you’re going for a pop of neon on the eye leave your skin and lips neutral to balance out the bright neon colour. Your eyes should be the focus, keep your hair and skin looking as natural as possible. If your lips are sporting the pop of neon colour keep your eyes simple with just a little liner and mascara.

If you’re trying neon for the first time start with something small like a bright fuchsia lipstick and work your way into the yellow and green eye shadows. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying too much too soon. 

Remember that summer is your season to show off so don’t let something unfamiliar like a neon hold you back. Anyone can pull it off, you just need to find the neon hues that work for you.

~ Erin M. 

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