Monday, July 9, 2012

Bring The Beach Into Your Everyday Life ~ Erin Montgomery

What woman doesn’t love a great bag? Whether you choose to admit it or not, all women have a tiny obsessions with bags. I bet if you were to check your closet you have at least 10 different bags. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s only natural. As women we need at least one bag for every season plus a couple staples bags like your basic black and brown.

This summer one of the biggest trends for bags is straw bags. Designers have taken them out of the sand and landed them in your hands for your everyday use. With the reinvention of a classic beach bag you can now bring a piece of the beach with you on all your summer adventures.

When shopping for your summer wardrobe you tend to lean towards outfits that are airy and lightweight to keep you cool during those hot summer months. Your outfits are effortless yet still chic and your bag should reflect just that. A straw bag gives you the feeling of a beach day even when you’re stuck in the office.

When choosing a straw bag there is no rules to follow or specific colours you have to have it’s about using your bag to show off your personality. It’s summer have a little fun with your bag. Whether you chose a traditional straw bag or a colored one with leather details you will sure to be turning heads with your on trend approach to your summer bag.


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